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About www.colinket.com

Colinket.com™ has been developed by colink software development team to provide integrated information on Ethiopian civil service companies (especially governmental offices). It contains virtually every important information a person or a company needs while processing governmental service issues in Ethiopia or planning to do some works which require him/her to go through governmental service offices located in Ethiopia. The information is provided in easy to navigate formats and contains the regulations, procedures, directives, citizens charter and location of different governmental offices in Ethiopia.
In addition to these entries, we have some dynamic features that serve the local and international users:
Standard Videos that show different work process like (how to start private limited company in Ethiopia and many others …….
Daily updated technology news
Advertisement for a local and international company’s
Daily updated weather condition of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Our goal is to be an accurate, frequently updated source of Ethiopian civil service information in such a way that every citizens and company’s in Ethiopia knows and uses colinket.com.
A company that wishes to advertise its business on the website can contact us or check this. If you wish to access our notices fully, you can go to https://colinket.com call us at the address mentioned below.
The Colink software development Team
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
P.o.box : 20847
Mobile: +251922349917 (Support Line)
Email:  colinksoftware@gmail.com