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Invest2Africa Competition

September 20, 2019
Invest2Africa Competition
[www.invest2impact.africa, support@invest2impact.africa]
We are very happy to announce that the Invest2Africa competition is now open for entries. The competition is aimed at women-led businesses and female entrepreneurs in five East African countries who are shaking things up and doing it their way. The competition will recognize 100 female-founded businesses as the top 100 for 2019.
But there’s more! The prizes include one of three funding opportunities, an all-expenses-paid trip to an industry-related trade fair as well as one of four cash prizes valued at $85,000.
Don’t delay, enter straight away!
If you have any queries contact, we are here to help.
You can send an email to support@invest2impact.africa, you can use our online chat facility on the bottom right-hand side of the website or you can send us a message or voice note via Whatsapp.
Visit www.invest2impact.africa to start your entry now!
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