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Night of Ideas: A Livable Ethiopia

📅 January 30, 2020 at 5.30pm
Alliance Ethio-française

The night of ideas 2020 will bring us together this year around the
theme: A livable Ethiopia.

Livability: at a time of environmental crisis and major changes in our
lifestyles, between permanence of rural life, accelerated development
of urban life and new technologies, this theme sounds both a question
and a requirement . What is living in Ethiopia today? What is a
livable Ethiopia, both ecologically and politically?

We will discuss together around two big questions:

1/ Human being and his environment: between urban life and rural life,
at a time of global environmental crisis, what relationship between
our human communities and our environment? To what extent are we first
and foremost living beings in permanent relation with our environment
composed of different kinds of living beings ?

2/ The concept of livability also implies a questioning of life, not
just in the biological sense, but in the normative sense. What is the
expression of a livable life, of a life worth living? What forms of
mobilization or collective action can come to invest this claim of
livability and dignity?”

More info about the programme of the evening soon!


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