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ON THE GRIND festival

November 1-3, 2019
Alliance Ethio-Francaise
#አዲስአበባ #ኢትዮጵያ
#AddisAbeba #Ethiopia
The On-The-Grind Game Jam is a 48 hours game creation event part of the ON THE GRIND festival, which aims to celebrate the rise of subculture in Ethiopia. Everyone from game developers to educators to artists and designers is welcome to participate.
Once the jam begins, participants come up with game ideas, form teams to work together and build these games in just 48 hours. These games will be showcased on the public On-The-Grind day on November 9th.
There will be sleeping mattresses and snacks but make sure to come with your equipment.
Start Time: Nov 1, 4 pm (No leaving the compound after 7 pm)
End Time: Nov 3, 4pm
Location: Alliance Ethio-Francaise
Participants need to bring their equipment (laptops, drawing pads, etc)
Participants will register on the following link:
Expected Participants Number: 10 – 35
The Game Jam is co-organised by Chewata Araqi and D5 Gamecon and supported by the Goethe-Institut Addis Ababa.
Free entrance (prior registration required).
Facebook event here.
The game jam is part of the 2nd edition of “On the Grind”, a free 3-week focus/festival to celebrate youth subculture in Ethiopia through the promotion of values such as diversity, fun, freedom and self-expression.
The 3-week festival is supported by the Embassy of France, the European Union Delegation, the Embassy of Canada and the Embassy of Spain.
D5gamecon Chewata Awaqi – ጨዋታ አዋቂ


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