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Theater – “Processo a Pinocchio” [In Italian]

October 23, 2019: 6pm
Theater – “Processo a Pinocchio” [In Italian] Italian Cultural Institute

On the occasion of 19th Week of Italian language in the World, the Italian Cultural Institute, in collaboration with the Italian School, invites you on Wednesday 23rd October, 6pm, to the theatrical performance in which we will see the charachters of the most famous story ever in an adaptation freely taken from the play “Pinocchio (mal)visto dal Gatto e la Volpe” by Andrea Camilleri and Ugo Gregoretti.

A review in which the characters try to rewrite the story:
In the last pages of Collodi’s famous novel Pinocchio, having saved his father Geppetto from the whale’s throat, he headed towards the happy ending that we all know, transforming from the wooden puppet he was to a good and handsome boy.
On the way he meets the cat and the fox for the last time. Reduced to poverty (the cat is now completely blind and the fox has even had to sell his own tail) the two still ask Pinocchio for help. This time Pinocchio avoids them, reminding them that whoever steals a cloak ends up without a shirt.
Finished? So it seemed … except that the cat and the fox play the last card: demonstrating their good faith, being rehabilitated and compensated, rewriting the end of the story that dishonored them in all the languages of the world.
Such as? putting Pinocchio on trial who, for the occasion, returns as a puppet!

What will be the new ending of the story? We invite you to discover it on October 23rd at the Italian Cultural Institute!


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